5 responses to “Contact

  1. Dear Mike… I watched your Documentary and found it absolutley amazing…
    I would love it if you could contact me through my email address I gave you..

    Many thanks and I hope to hear from you sometime soon to discuss Surrogacy…


    • Hi Jacqui – thanks for your comment – its very interesting you’ve set up your own organisation for people to join for free.
      what are your views on surrogacy organisations that are payment based and the way all surrogacy organisations operate online? Do you think they could do more to help? Or is it that people can get different experiences with them because its all about what you put in?
      Are you from the UK yourself or US?
      Hope to hear from you soon and please let others know about the documentary who may be interested.
      Thanks again,

  2. Hi Mike

    I have watched the video several times over and I think you have done an amazing job. It shows a very personal account of my tragic story and I feel that anyone who watches will (hopefully) look up and take note. Just a couple of thing..
    the text at the beginning & end is quite hard to read and perhaps could stay up for a few seconds longer. Also you refer to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (which is not incorrect) but I have always known these deaths to be referred to as ‘Sudden Cardiac death’. You refer to a simple heart scan and medication, might be better to just mention a simple (painless) heart scan, and leave medication out, as some of the children who have been scanned may need surgery of some kind!!

    I love the way you have combined Dave’s photos and the transition to the sketch and of course the never forgotten song ‘hear you me’. I hope you liked it? As mentioned Dave had said that he wanted it played at his funeral a few months earlier (so strange) (if only I had know what was to come!! but of course he got his wish.

    Please let me know where you put the video, I am happy for you to put it up on as many web site/blogs as possible, wherever you think that it will viewed.

    Thank you so much and all the very best for the future.
    Best Wishes

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