Invisible Parents | Viral Campaign Film

A private viral campaign Directed and Produced in November 2012 for equal parenting rights across the EU.
*JURY AWARD – OneFilmFest, New Jersey 2013.

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– 200,000 views in first fortnight online / currently over 600,000 views – leading to 60,000 + petition signatures.
– Featured throughout mainstream, political & LGBT news, blogs & social media.
– Aired in ad-breaks on Portugal’s Public Service Broadcasting Television Channel ‘RTP’ & Australia’s ‘OKTO TV’.
– Shared by influential personalities such as Stephen Fry & news sites including Upworthy, Huffington Post & Italy’s biggest national paper Corriere.
– Partnered with U.S organization All Out, NELFA, ILGA-EUROPE, BAAF & Michael Cashman MEP.
–  Seeded by international brands with large online audiences such as Andrew Christian & Grindr. 

Imagine if your family wasn’t legally recognised in the majority of Europe. That’s the shocking scenario examined in a new online short film, which is the first of its kind to use Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of the alarming inequalities facing gay parents throughout Europe.

Launched 5 November 2012 for the UK’s National Adoption Week, it is a joint project from online organisation All Out and producer Mike Buonaiuto, the award-winning director of the ‘Homecoming’ equal marriage video commissioned by the Coalition for Equal Marriage. The film is also supported by Michael Cashman MEP.

Music: ‘In Your Arms’ by Craig Sutherland

Voiceover: Kate Hollowood / Sound Disposition

See Italian “Corriere” TV Coverage here.
Cast: Garry Mannion | Jessica Hopes | James McGregor

Editor / Director of Photography: Arthur Lewin

Executive Producers: Amber Christina Phillips / Gregor Schmidinger

Behind The Scenes: Sam Milletti / Michael Sweeney

Web Design / Development: Bradley Hall

Online Marketing:

For help or advice:

All Out
MEP Michael Cashman
Pink Parenting
The Finnish Rainbow Families Association
Famiglie Arcobaleno
New Family Social
Brooklands Museum
Coalition for Equal Marriage
Institute of Social Ecology Vienna (SEC)
Gay Times
Pink News
Gay Star News

Crowdsourcing Sponsors:
Katharina Dietl
Manuel Duenfruendt
Nathan Berger
Scott Christian
Dermot Scully
James Baston
Paul Groothuis
Jason Dean
Manuel Cabral Morais
Tuomo P Railo
Caz Bailey
Taina Tervonen
Jamie Starboisky
Gregor Schmidinger


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