Help us change politics with new Adoption Viral Video

In almost 80% of Europe, the rights of children of same-sex couples are not recognised in the eyes of law.



We want to challenge this in a way that really makes a difference. Our Equal Marriage ‘Homecoming’ film reached 800,000 views in the first week online, and inspired the likes of Richard Branson, Stephen Fry, Theresa May and even Prime Minister David Cameron, to get on board with the campaign. We are now looking to produce a short film highlighting the injustice throughout Europe faced by children of same-sex couples following the same example.


Similiar to the Homecoming film and campaign, all the project elements are all being produced in people’s free time, using our own money. Therefore contributions are welcome if you can support in this way. These will cover out-of-pocket expenses such as location hire, actor and crew hire, camera and lighting equipment hire, cast, crew and publicity travel expenses etc. The funding will also go towards Viral Seeding, ensuring the film is seen far and wide, and may also fund the pre-production planning, shoot and post-production editing process.


In line with National Adoption week in November and EU Group NELFA, we will produce a viral film to spread throughout social media, viral websites, plus both gay and mainstream online press, which goes for the heartstrings emphasising the normality and likeability of the characters. At the end of the film a call to action message will encourage audiences to visit a microsite. The microsite will then explain in more detail the inequality faced by adopted children throughout Europe, with a further call to action to sign a petition or write to their MP about the problem.

Thanks you so much for your help.


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